Web Design & Development

Hello, we are Braw Media. We build websites that help create value for our clients. We’ve got a proven track record and years of experience designing, creating, maintaining and updating websites. As a friendly approachable company, we provide affordable solutions to help businesses grow. We would welcome the opportunity to pitch ideas.

Business and Ecommerce Sites

We can help bring everything together that you need to help deliver tangible results, including fast hosting and friendly support. We’ll analyse your site’s online performance and establish areas that we most need to improve. We use the latest web standards, to create sites that are easy to maintain, work wonderfully on mobile and are a joy to use.

Does your current site need a reboot?

How long would you drive a car without a service? A website needs to be kept up to speed as well. Slowly things become a bit clunky, search engine traffic will slow down, the number of pages each visitor views will decrease. At this point, it might be a good time to call Braw Media. We can help give your site a performance boost.

Web Development Checklist

Before launching a shiny new website our developers run through a checklist just to make sure everything is in order. This helps us continually …